Conference on National Economy of Belarus (Minsk, 2016)

Analysts of SKRC attended the conference.
«National economy of the Republic of Belarus: problems and prospects», which took place at the Belarusian State Economic University on 13 April 2016

Viktoriya Smalenskaya (winner, 1st place) Sustainability and Excessive Current Account Deficits in Belarus
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Uladzislau Ramaniuk (winner, 2nd place) Studying branches of foreign banks in banking systems of other countries: quantification of benefits and costs for the development of the national economy
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Alina Ziankova (4th place, recommended for publication) the analytical review of the Financial Stability of foreign countries: the selection of new indicators for Belarus
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Yanina Bykouskaja (winner of the prize «Recognition») “Cryptocurrency and crypto-derivatives as new segments of the financial market”

Yuliya Yafimenka “Analysis of cross-sectoral financial flows and diagnostics of internal imbalances in the economy of the Republic of Belarus”
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